caravella premium sweet tomato vinegar 200 ml

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caravella premium sweet tomato vinegar 200 ml

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Artisanal quality Sweet Tomato vinegar, made of fresh cherry tomatoes, 100% natural no chemicals are added. Delicious gourmet dressing has very dense structure due to the slow maturation process in small barrels of oak. Sweet cherry tomatoes vinegar from thick texture and incomparable fresh cherry tomatoes taste with herbaceous hints, contains high percentage of tomato pulp. Shake well before use.
Caravella Sweet Tomato vinegar is ideal condiment for variety of dishes: salads, grilled fish, vegetables, white meats, carpaccio, perfect to garnish starters and appetizers.
Cherry tomato vinegar is ready to use condiment, but you can also create a more complex dressing and surprise your guests. Mix sweet tomato vinegar with olive oil in way to prepare this delicious dressing :1 spoon of tomato vinegar with 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil, add freshly ground salt and black pepper. Enjoy!

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Caravella Fine Food - famous venetian elite brand since 1908 - offers you a selection of high quality artisanal vinegars and dressings made with fresh fruits pulp aged in wood barrels of oak, cherry and mulberry, according to the classic tradition. From here , the high quality of Caravella premium vinegars, which include Camerun Mango Vinegar 200 ml, Sweet Raspberry Vinegar 200 ml, Kaffir Lime Vinegar 200 ml, Black Currants Vinegar 200 ml, Kalamansi Citrus Vinegar 200 ml, Red Bell Pepper Vinegar 200 ml, Green Cucumber Vinegar 200 ml, Sweet Cherry Tomato Vinegar 200 ml.

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