About Caravella Fine Food

Caravella Fine Food – is a famous Venetian elite brand since 1908, with a great history and experience in a selection and selling high quality italian fine food & beverage. Our collection of italian food features different categories of items chosen with great care: italian high quality extra virgin olive oils obtained using first cold press and balsamic vinegars IGP traditional, classic, aged and extra aged, bronze drawn and hand-made italian pasta of durum wheat semolina (or hard grain), pasta Venicesauces from organic farming, 100% living raw natural honeys from different regions of Italy (Acacia, Chestnut, Orange Blossom, Wildflowers, Linden, Dark Forest honey), delicious chocolate creams "Satongo" with pulp of fresh fruits (mango from Camerun, sweet raspberries, forest fruits, Morello cherries, clementines from Sicily, Purple figues) , jams and preserves made with organic fruit selected by hand, and much more - condiments, appetizers, creams, pestos, pate’ ... - all excellent products that have confirmed their value over time.

Moreover Caravella Fine Food brand has stood for the creation of gift packages for all tastes and all occasions. Our gifts are particularly appreciated by our customers from around the world for the unique taste and quality of our products and excellent packaging design of prestige. It does make a good impression for those who want to make a nice gift to own friends, relatives, co-workers or business partners.

Since long time Caravella Fine Food cultivates dedication for high quality Italian food  and through our selection of exclusively artisanal products we want to convey our passion to our beloved customers, which represent for us a very important reference.

Try our Caravella Fine Food selection - the best of Italian cuisine from the heart of Venice directly at your home allover in the world! We wait for you on our CARAVELLA FINE FOOD STORE and hope you will enjoy an excellent quality of our products!